Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nishikawa Takanori no Ienomi with BUCK-TICK - English Subbed

Cardcaptor Sakurai
Happy Halloween, everyone! For today my post won't be about Halloween though. BUT, like my last Halloween post, it will be about subtitles. 

A little background: last May 2014, Nishikawa Takanori (professionally known as T.M. Revolution) interviewed BT's Sakurai and Imai for the promotion of their new material. Oh yes, Taka-chan-chan strikes again. It was only after four months that the whole video was subbed and posted in dailymotion thanks to ikonokrusm. For those of you who lived under a rock like me, this post is perfect for you~!

Disclaimer: I do not own the video nor do I own the subs and translation of this video. Also, it was not my fault if the first few minutes would be about Taka-chan-chan talking about his groin area.

BONUS for itchy groins:

The next time we are going to complain about B.T, members, we must use initials. Aachan-chan-sama's suggestion is totally great.


  1. pls someone tell me how can download video on DAilymotion? I wanna get videos of bT so much but they don't have much videos on Youtube

    1. You can try [].

    2. any online converter will work on dailymotion

    3. this is amazing plugin to youtube or any video sites :