Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raymond Watts Twitter Love

Imai, Sakurai and Watts of SCHWEIN
For all the fans who loved the side project of Sakurai and Imai, SCHWEIN, you might like to see the twitter love Raymond Watts was spreading. :D

Update (03/20/2013): New fanservice "love" photos added~! 
Here are some of them:

We can recall some of this LOVE on their photos back then, during SCHWEIN days:

Adorable love

Group love

Funny love. Poor Imai.

Nicotine love
Cute mirror photo love.
Singing love?
...intense love?
...uh love?
...*gasps* love?
omg love
holding hands love

Follow Raymond Watts and spread his love on Twitter. :D

credit: Scans from tigerpal

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