The Blog
5 for Japanese Babies is a side blog masterminded by Mimi, a blogger, artist and occasional performer who aims to practice her writing through creating a fan blog of the band, Buck-Tick which she adores. This blog aims to discuss BT music in general which includes lyric discussion, live performances commentaries, PV essays, and concept/themes discussions.

Since, Mimi is not a professional in this field and relatively a recent fan of the band, she may have mistakes or lack of information. This blog is from a fan for fans, so please feel free to correct mistakes or give information to have more reliable and concrete posts for this blog.

To avoid any unwanted trouble, the three golden rules were established:

  •  Let's all be civilized. Avoid leaving offensive remarks in the blog to keep the blog a fan-friendly blog. We don't want to see fans fighting fans. If you have certain things to voice out, please feel free to leave a message on the message board.
  • Let's keep our fangirlism to a bare minimum. We all know that it is a common fact that the members of the band do stir some weird vibes especially to female fans, but let's stay classy. Some things are better left unsaid. ^^
  • Please do credit the blog and the other contributors. If you want to use this blog for research or use it in any form, please do credit it. Writing articles and uploading things is done with effort. To make it worthwhile, crediting this blog would be a good thing. This also goes to the articles that have been referenced. I'll always make sure that the translators and sources would be credited.