What on earth does "5 for Japanese Babies" mean?
5 for Japanese Babies is a popular English phrase from Buck-Tick's song, ICONOCLASM (written and composed by Imai on Taboo, 1989). This phrase had a great impact on the audience and had been a trademark for Buck-Tick throughout the years. In 1990, it was used as a concert title. It had also been used by Imai Hisashi and was written on the neck of Fernandes custom guitar he designed. (Scan from Tigerpal).

As for the meaning, we have to ask Imai for that. Here's the story (translated by Cayce, for the complete text please refer here):

"I wrote the lyrics in the London studio," Imai said. "I thought I'd write them all in English...'Iconoclasm' means the destruction of sacred images or items. I got the image for the song from that word...the lyrics are abstract, but they're sort of like a symbol code."
"Where did you learn such a complicated word?"
"From the dictionary."
"Do you look at the dictionary a lot?"
"Yeah, I do."

What exactly is this blog for?
This blog is an international fan blog that is dedicated to write articles regarding BT music. This blog is basically an archive of thought regarding BT music. Sometimes, articles are done out of whim. A blog from a fan for fans to enjoy and share BT love.

Do you translate lyrics and videos?
Nope. I have very limited Japanese vocabulary and I can hardly read Japanese. Though, I can understand conversational Japanese, I have no reliable skills to translate Japanese. References for posts are based on translated text. These references will be credited to the translators to whom I am very grateful for. Without them, my BT soul won't be as alive as now.

UPDATE as of 2015: I did translate quite a few songs for practice and for fun, since I took up Japanese lessons back in 2013. Nevertheless, I'll still stick to what I said that I'm not a reliable translator.

Can we ask requests?
Depends on what request that is. If you do have, say the magic word and place a message on the message board.

Can you share files?
It depends if I have files to share. Sometimes, I post video links and mp3 links for readers to enjoy.

What if I can find some mistake in your posts?
Please do tell me, if I did one. I am just a recent fan of the band, so naturally, I can be ignorant about some facts about them. If you found any, please do leave a comment on the post or leave a message on the message board.

When did you start liking Buck-Tick?
Here's the detailed story.

Do you have rules in this blog?
Please see the About tab.

Why are you not updating the blog?
Real life happens.

Are you a member of their fan club, Fish Tank.
Unfortunately, no. I am willing, but my wallet is not.

Where did you get all those references from?
You can check the Links tab.

Which continent did you come from?
From Asia, with love.

Are you human?
It depends on my mood.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment below.

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