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Assumptions: Atsushi's Wife and Some Love Songs

Atsushi, the goth.
It was quite an announcement. His second marriage was announced briefly before his first solo live as an solo artist back in 2004. Many, were shocked and also many were happy that he has finally found his other half after so many years of ups and downs. It was a long search in his case, as he was first married back in 20's (with BT's stylist, Sayuri Watanabe) and ended up in a divorce that led into a scandal. Many might have thought that he might not be able to be married again (or rumors say that he was married again in mid-90's but it's still a rumor without substance). But alas, at 38, Sakurai finally tied the knot with his mystery girlfriend. By this time, no scandals were involved and it seems, Sakurai was very happy to be married to his second wife.
Aachan's wife(?) and cat.
"Who is his second wife?", many would ask. Years later, a lot of rumors came to life that he married a woman of a different nationality, perhaps due to the 13th Floor with Diana videos.  But apparently, that's not the case. Rumors say he married an ordinary lady from Kyoto, but it's still a rumor without substance. Since Sakurai's wife has no details available, then there was no way we could know who really she is. BUT, we could guess who she is through Mr. Sakurai himself. He left a lot of clues, y'know. In his Yasou book, he clearly showed a photo of his wife (a polaroid taken by none other than himself). Well, it's a photo of her ankles (or HIS ankles), but still, I think he is very proud to have been married to her. Like in The Devil and Freud videos back in 2004, he is showcasing his wedding ring without shame in Dolce and Gabanna suit.

Wedding ring alert~

Her name's unknown...but I think we know her. We can call her, "The Lady of the Night" or "Lady of the Moonlit Night" or "The bride of the Dark Night"...or "Baby" or "Angel" ("Lady Skeleton," anyone?). lol We all know, this 'lady' or figure (might have been his fantasy)  has been Sakurai's muse all the time. But why not give his wife this title as she is technically the Mrs. Moonlight of Mr. Darkness himself in real life?

No, I jest. It's none of our business. :D

Check out the BT playlist for the Lady of the Night*:

Here's Imai Hisashi's song, just to add the mix since most of the band members are already married:

Here's a pop song to add written by Sakurai. A song to commemorate their 20th Anniversary in major-label. Good song for wives and their children also (written for his daughter). lol:

Still, he is always to be the first one to get married from the BT boys... twice in a row. Or Toll might just be tight-lipped about his marriage. ^^
Their 9th Anniversary is coming this June. I wish them well~
BTW, this is a crack/random post, a collection of my thoughts. So, don't take me seriously. lol

*Note: If you have songs to suggest for this, please do. i would love to add more on this playlist. :D

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